Social Media Resolutions for 2012

With 2011 behind us, now is the time to think about marketing strategies for the new year. By now, you likely have your Twitter account and Facebook page for your business set up, connected to each other, and updating followers regularly with news of your business and products/services. Perhaps you don’t have as many followers [...]

Four Important Tools for Optimizing Your Blog

As a social media strategist working with businesses to increase their online exposure, I often encourage blogging as a means of distributing content and building authority for the brand. Despite the growth in social network use, blogs remain an essential component in any online marketing plan. Search engines cache blog content with frequency, and even [...]

The Twitter Basics for New Users

As a social media strategist, I do occasionally meet with new clients who are finally setting up accounts to use for connecting with their target audience. Twitter has been around for almost six years now, and one might think everybody knows how to use it and how to incorporate it into marketing plans, but as [...]

A Brief Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Pages

It is okay to admit that you don’t fully understand Facebook. As a social media strategist, my job is to assist business owners in establishing their brands through social media so they may use the tools to better connect with their customer base. Often, I work with people who are new to these networks altogether. [...]

Using Social Media When Your Customers Don’t – Is It a Waste of Time?

First thing I do each morning when I get to work is log into my Facebook account. Many upper-management types would frown upon this, but as a social media strategist this is my job. Therefore, Facebook is a requirement for me. Before I begin my daily rotation of monitoring client pages, I happen to glance [...]