Can Social Media Ruin Customer Relations?

Once upon a time, if you had an issue with a particular vendor or store, you did one of three things. If the business was local, you probably drove to the location to lodge your complaint or extend your compliment. If you wanted to deal with a national company, you might have written a letter [...]

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Building a Twitter Following

You may at the point now where you have nursed your Twitter account for weeks, months, longer. You’re playing by the rules: you follow relevant accounts and managed to get close associates to follow you back, you provide quality content and don’t bombard the stream with ad after ad. Despite being good, however, the organic [...]

How to Turn People Away From Your Social Media Campaigns

Right now, at this very minute, a company is advertising a product or service and imploring people to visit not their website, but their Facebook page. Today you might open a newspaper or magazine and see an ad with a Twitter icon and handle to follow. This evening, you will watch your favorite news channel [...]