Spring Clean Your Twitter Account for Optimal Use

It is understandable that when you set up a Twitter account for the purpose of promoting your business, you want to maximize its potential by bringing on many followers – hundreds, even thousands to start is ideal. Unless you are already an established brand with the means to bring customers and clients over to this [...]

How to Recover From Twitter Mistakes

Recently we have seen news of various organizations come under fire for what people have deemed “inappropriate tweeting.” The Red Cross and Chrysler both fell victim to cases of mistaken identity, in which those managing their social media accidentally pushed personal tweet messages to the official Twitter profiles rather than to their respective personal accounts. [...]

Get Social, Get the Code

Recently I received an invite to beta-test a site that lets people create QR Codes for free. What is a QR Code? Perhaps around town you’ve seen these little boxes on signs and store windows. The one on the right goes to a mobile Wikipedia page. Others you’ll find are used by offices, restaurants, and [...]