When Social Media Changes the Rules, Adapt and Evolve

The new Facebook profiles are great, the new Facebook profiles stink. The new Twitter pages look sleek, the new Twitter pages hide my background so nobody can see the custom design with our branding. For every laurel tossed at a social network in the wake of change, perhaps a dozen darts whizz close behind, aiming [...]

Tweeting the Gospel of Your Business: Is it Worth Paying For?

Maybe your company has somebody to manage a pay-per-click advertising program, or else you’ve hired a PPC firm to handle your online spends. You might be the type who religiously checks daily analytics to see how certain ads are performing as opposed to others, and how specific keyword bids have skyrocketed in the wake of [...]

Making Social Media Resolutions for 2011

You see a title such as the one leading this post, and no doubt your head fills with all sorts of ideas on optimizing your social campaigns for the coming year. You’re going tweet until your feathers fall off, attract thousands of Facebook fans, and have that blasted Like button on every URL you own [...]