Social Media Tricks for Authors to Promote Books

Used to be in order to gain publicity for your book, you required the good fortune of a positive review in book section of the local newspaper, in addition to some active word of mouth. Having a handsome promotional budget paid by your publisher – to secure signings and readings in and around your hometown [...]

Five Tips to a Successful Facebook Contest

Recently a marketing panel held at Book Expo America suggested that the best thing an author can do to promote himself and his work is not to invest money in a website, but simply to set up a Facebook page and marketing exclusive from there. Proponent of social media are likely to agree (and arguments [...]

Twitter Promotion With a Side of Hash

This is not a tutorial that explains what a Twitter hashtag is, nor is the goal here to explain how to use hashtags in Twitter marketing. If you have used Twitter for a while, whether directly through the main site or via one of the many clients that feed your favorite users, you already know [...]