Local Business Focus Online Can Boost Search Relevancy

Whether you have a physical retail location, or a headquarters for your online concern, it’s important to have your information confirmed with sites like the Google Local Business Center, Yahoo Local Listings, Yelp.com for services and UrbanSpoon and the like for restaurants. While you might find on certain sites your listing is available – but needs only to be “claimed” by an owner or manager – taking the time to manage and enhance your listing can boost your visibility in search results. With review-based social networks, you have the added advantage of blended search paradigms to have your optimized listing called up, and regular monitoring of such pages can assist with mediocre or negative reviews, and hopefully establish your business as one that is concerned and ready to listen to consumers and clients.

Three Steps to Effective Follow-Through in Social Marketing

It’s one thing to have an active social network account with scores of fans and followers, and another to regularly provide information and incentives to keep people interested. Unless you monitor your profiles for feedback and follow up on concerns and questions, however, you will soon discover these online hubs become stale and provide nothing more than another source for inbound linking. Management of social networking page is not unlike tending a garden – your attentiveness and care fosters growth, and like the bees that collect pollen to spread to corners you may not notice people will assist in your account’s popularity if they feel it’s worth promoting.

When Inspiration Strikes, There's an App To Help

The advantage to composing notes and ideas on your BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone is that – unlike the tried and true pad and pen – each has the ability to upload content to some kind of blog client or social network. Facebook and Tumblr allow users to update with ease, and there are several Twitter clients for reading and posting quick missives. For longer pieces, however, and news that must meet a schedule, there are specialized apps available to increase your productivity as you travel. Some are free, others are not, and not all are yet available across all phone platforms. Yet, if you have the means to try them all, you just may find you can go outside once in a while and seek deeper inspiration for your business interests.

Socializing on Networks Unrelated to Your Business: Good Practice or Waste of Time?

As developers fine tune social media to offer Internet users more options for their specific interests, we’ll see a rise in usage of niche portals. Already Yelp.com, a search and review site for local restaurants and other businesses, claims 10 million unique visits a month. You can bet it’s a popular place for browsing recommendations, and the site’s accompanying smart phone apps makes it all the easier to access. Depending on your business, you might not think it’s worth your time to establish a profile on such a site. Yet, when you consider the traffic generated there, you have to ask yourself, why not?

Marketing to Teens via Social Media…After You Find Them

The company faced with marketing to a young demographic may find social media optimization a challenge, given that despite the impression of technological savvy among teenagers, If your products and services skew toward teenagers and young adults, you might ask yourself if it’s worth it to have that Twitter account or Facebook page if you aren’t certain the people who should patronize you find the right material.social networks are not where the kids are.

How Top Companies Use Social Media

While the statistics provided here should not necessarily be discerned as the norm or the recommended rate of sharing data, it is interesting to note how larger companies handle their social presence. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to present yourself online, and it will take time and experimentation to find the proper balance.

It Only Takes One: Creating the Social Spark

You as a social media marketer may think: what are the chances some celebrity is going to follow your Facebook or Twitter, or else share your content and spark a viral spike in unique views. It would be nice to be singled out in this manner, thereby allowing you to take advantage of growing interest in your blog or social profile – while in time the mass numbers may drop off as the Warholian fifteen minutes tick away, there remains the opportunity to maintain a higher readership than you had before you were discovered.

Writing for Your Website When You've Run Out of Things to Write

As a writer, you may fear the inevitable wall, that moment when you feel you have exhausted your idea repository and aren’t sure what to write for your website or blog. You know it’s important to keep your online presence relevant and fresh in order to maintain high readership – with certain fields, there is always something new to explore. If your business is slow to offer innovations and new events, however, it’s possible to spend more time staring at the monitor screen than filling it.

Approaching Twitter Users: Dancing the Fine Line Between Promotion and Spam

As you monitor the performance of keywords that bring visitors to your main site, it would make sense to track those same phrases on Twitter to gauge overall interest in products and services relevant to your brand. Whether you cater to local or national markets, you have the means to search what people are tweeting without necessarily refreshing Twitter’s search engine. E-mail, web-based and desktop clients allow for ease of researching multiple key phrases, and many of them are free.

Engaging Readers to Comment on Blogs and Social Networks

You can write for miles, you can post links to funny videos on your Facebook page, and you can tweet until your online voice gives out…it’s great to have the ability to easily produce content, but none it means much unless you know for certain people are processing it. What good does it do to have 500+ Twitter followers or a thousand fans on Facebook if none of them are regularly checking your content?