Marketing Your Brand in 140 Characters or Less

In website design, the credo used to be that one had an average of five seconds to capture the attention of a visitor with compelling “above the fold” content. If nothing placed immediately under the address bar prompted somebody to scroll down the remainder of the page, you could be certain the next action would either be the back button or a link offsite. While this principle still holds true – there will always be cause to optimize a website for maximum stickiness, it can be applied to marketing via social media. In the case of micro-blogging sites like Twitter, and to some extent the status update feature on Facebook, your space is limited. And every word posted must count.

Phone Apps Help Tourism Businesses Keep Travelers Informed

These days, if somebody is in a strange city and looking for a place to eat, he may pull out his smart phone and call up an application like the one for Yelp to track down a specific cuisine. If somebody is lost, one can use an application from MapQuest or Google to locate where [...]

Does Your Business Need a Phone App?

With the rise in smart phone usage, you’ll find more people searching for practical applications to use on the go. Programs that allow for easier use of social media and online shopping are available at the touch of a button, and it seems smaller businesses are getting into the act by having apps made for their products and services. However, is this something in which you should invest money and time?

Social Media Marketing Resolutions for 2010

As 2010 nears, now is the time to consider your Social Media Resolutions. Where will you concentrate efforts, and to what extent will online networks play a role in how you present yourself and your company to others? Now, perhaps, you have the Facebook fan page and Twitter account…what else is there to do next year?

Taking Advantage of Twitter's New Retweet Feature

While browsing through a Twitter feed, I caught sight of a mini conversation between two people trying to figure out how people they do not follow ended up in their feeds. For the time being, this is only a phenomenon that occurs when one reads directly from Twitter’s site – readers such as Echofon and [...]

Social Media Helps Non-Profits Take Advantage of the Giving Season

While the holiday shopping season may emphasize the need to gift friends and loved ones with expensive gadgets and games, there always remains that part of the population who enjoys giving for the purpose of truly giving to the community. Donations to non-profits and charities – whether made in honor of a friend or as a supportive thank-you – are naturally sought at this time of year, with organizations offering various incentives in exchange for funds. Any non-profit not already soliciting donations via social media, however, is missing out on a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness for its cause.