Optimizing SMS for Your Social Media – Always Stay Connected

Part of being social on networks like Facebook and Twitter means being available when your visitors are active. For some businesses, it could mean being wired at all hours of the night, and while it’s reasonable that you will want to save room for sleep, meals, and private time, you should consider the occasional moment [...]

It Pays to Advertise Your Social Network

Driving in to New York City this weekend while attending a conference, I found it difficult not to notice the many billboards scraping the sky. It isn’t uncommon, either, to find advertisements for venues outside of the city – with resorts in Connecticut and New Jersey vying for attention. One in particular struck me – [...]

UK adult social networkers nearly double

The number of British adults signing up to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace has almost doubled in the last two years, according to new research from the country’s communications watchdog. Ofcom said its research reveals that 38 percent of British internet users now have a social networking site profile — up from [...]

Brand Yourself on Every Social Network (Even if You Don't Want To)

The excuses, of course, come plentiful. You don’t have time to “tweet” or update Facebook. You aren’t convinced your private information won’t be compromised or phished. You get enough spam as it is through your regular Web site, so why compound the problem via fake Twitter accounts bothering you every two minutes? Whatever your reason [...]

Social Media Use for Business: Focus or Cover the Spread?

Recently the question came up from a client about the usefulness of Twitter beyond posting updates to thin air. When one sets up a Twitter account, it’s no surprise that businesses may follow an arbitrary number of people in hopes of receiving a courtesy follow back so somebody may view their messages. Add to this [...]

How Social Media Work Helps Your Marketing

A new research study by GroupM Search and Comscore shows how effectively social media campaigns can help the bottom line – not just through direct results but also through altering people’s future behaviour: “Social media-exposed consumers are far more likely to search for brand and product-related terms, and click on a brand’s paid search ad,” [...]

Starbucks, Microsoft are mighty in social-media marketing

If you’re a business that’s not using social media, some experts might argue you’re not truly engaged with your customers. But don’t think that just by setting up a Twitter account or a blog that your company has done enough. In order to be truly successful, companies — like Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon — need [...]

Growing Your Social Media Network

It’s not enough to set up a fan page on Facebook or a Twitter account and expect people to follow you in mass numbers. Granted, if you enjoy a strong following via a company blog or existing portfolio Web site, there’s a good chance visitors will migrate to your social networks for updates and interaction. You can place buttons on your main site, and post and tweet to your heart’s content to build your following, but what happens when you plateau and can’t quite reach a friendship goal?

Social Media Phobia: Killing the Messenger | Web 2.0 Journal

There are a lot of companies that, for one reason or another, choose this path of avoidance when it comes to social media. The mindset seems to be that if they don’t see the negativity about their company, then it’s not happening, or it’s not so damaging. Or perhaps that if the organization is not [...]

6 Great Twitter Quiz and Polling Apps – ReadWriteStart

If Twitter really does reach the far recesses of the earth, then doesn’t it make sense for us to harness that diversity of opinions? We’ve seen the effects of Twitter on emergency aid, nonprofit fundraising and political outreach. However, if we just want to crowdsource a simple question like “Which of these 3 movies should [...]