Going Viral on Twitter

Once you make a nest for yourself on Twitter, it’s time to start thinking strategy. Not only should you follow people with similar interests and follow the conversation, but you should start the conversation. After some time, you might even be the conversation. Behold the power of the retweet. Surely you’ve seen the RT before [...]

Facebook Warns Members About Rise in '419' Scam – Business Center – PC World

More and more fraudsters are harvesting the log-in data of Facebook members in order to impersonate them and ask their friends for money, according to the social-networking company. The scammers use phishing techniques to trick Facebook members into providing log-in information. For example, fraudsters often send legitimate-looking e-mail messages purporting to be from Facebook that [...]

Twitter – It's All About Me!

What do Twitter users talk about in their 140 characters? Themselves, new research from Rutgers University shows. A study of 3000 Tweets from 350 users found that 80% of users are “meformers,” or “Me Now” status updaters. According to the researchers, these “meformers” use Twitter to “post updates on their everyday activities, social lives, feelings, [...]

BBC to Focus on Social Media

The BBC is planning a radical relaunch of its website to include more social media. BBC sources have told MediaGuardian that the new-look site will launch by March. As soon as this weekend the BBC could add social media applications to its Strictly Come Dancing online coverage. Read more at The Guardian.

Social Media News Breakdown

MySpace link shortener makes early inroads on Twitter It has only been a week since MySpace launched its two-way sync with Twitter, but already the service has made an impact on the popular microblog. MySpace’s “lnk.ms” is now the second most used link-shortening service on Twitter, according to statistics compiled by Twitter link tracker Tweetmeme. [...]

Twitter Not Quite All-American?

Twitter may be the rage on Capitol Hill, but the American public at large is not yet sold on the microblogging site, according to a new poll. Only 15 percent of Americans believe that Twitter is an important new tool for mass communication, according to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll conducted in late August. [...]

Media Companies Embrace Social Networks

At the top of each article on this online resource for Web developers are prominent links inviting visitors to post the story to Facebook and the bookmark-sharing sites StumbleUpon and Delicious. Just in case readers don’t get the message, at the bottom of each article is a handful of other icons, leading to Twitter, Digg, [...]

Use of Social Media Networks Triples from Last Year

Americans have nearly tripled the amount of time they spend at social networking and blog sites such as Facebook and MySpace from a year ago, according to a new report from The Nielsen Company.  In August 2009, 17 percent of all time spent on the Internet was at social networking sites, up from 6 percent [...]

Integrating Social Media into E-Mail Marketing

Despite the rise of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, where customer interaction becomes immediate and can build trust among companies and brands, e-mail marketing remains a powerful method of selling products and services. As your business grows and accepts opt-in e-mail addresses for notification of updates, you hold a captive audience. A potential [...]

Social Media For Authors: Connect With Your Readers

With the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, and the ensuing mass marketing of similar devices from Sony, Cool-ER and other companies, authors will find they must rely more on the Internet to promote their works. When one considers how bookstore chains are slowing moving toward a different inventory model that involves holding fewer books – many of which enjoy a brief shelf life as it is – the need to keep readers appraised of eternal, virtual stores is fundamental. Social media, to this end, provides authors with a variety of option to reach book lovers and maintain good connections with fans.