Three Ways to Lose Twitter Followers

Seems everybody is on Twitter these days. It’s not uncommon to visit a Web site and find a familiar blue chicklet enticing people to add a certain company, blogger, or friend to their expanding list of “twitterers” to follow. When one considers how effective this social network is in relaying news before it hits television [...]

Four Ways to Maximize Content through Social Media

In the real estate game, it’s all about location, location, location. To acquire prime real estate at the top of search engines, it’s all about content, content, content – the more relevant the better. As search algorithms become savvier and site owners more adept at unlocking the secrets to staying on the first page of results, it’s important to stay on top of trends and do what you can to get the most mileage out of your content. On-page search engine optimization remains an important factor, but the more you promote through social media, the better the chance people will see that content.

The Art of SEO Writing

You’ve launched your Web site and are ready to take on customers and clients for your business. If you possess some search engine optimization savvy, you likely have already a plan for promotion that involves using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and you have a blog attached to your site to help draw [...]

Making the Rounds With Social Media Optimization – Get the Most From Your Posts

Need quality SEO writing to boost your site’s search rankings? Contact Spider Writers today! In creating a website for the purpose of selling products or services, content is the key to high search rankings. Your text must be concise and precise as far as keywords and phrases go, and with clear links to supplemental information [...]

Personalization Versus Promotion in Social Media

While waiting to speak at a regional science fiction and fantasy convention this past weekend, I sat in on the panel preceding mine. The topic, using social media in promotion, is one that always holds my interest, as social media optimization is more a part of my job than ever before. I took away from the discussion a better sense of using networks like Facebook and Twitter with regards to promoting products and services. What I learned at this panel could be applied to anybody new to SMO and SEO writing who is not sure how to use these networks to their advantage.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part – Staying Positive in Between Interviews

It may appear to you, if you have been searching for a job for quite some time, that the wait between first interviews and a possible call back takes forever. In an economy where jobs aren’t as plentiful as in the past, one may experience frustration when several resumes are sent out with little to no response. On the other hand, you could also have interviews scheduled throughout the week, only to see each end with, “We’ll call you.”

It could take weeks for that call to come, if at all. What do you do in the meantime?

Hire a Ghost Writer to Take Care of Web Business

Scary as the name (and proposition) sounds, hiring the services of a ghost writer to assist with your Web site need not be worrisome. If your intent is to draw traffic to your Web site through sharp, concise content on your field of expertise, you may find a professional writer specializing in search engine optimization is helpful.

Followup E-Mail For Marketing is Important

With every website you own, naturally, you are going to need a corresponding e-mail account so customers can contact you. When you sign on with a website design company for development, it is important to check for a user-friendly, Web accessible e-mail package. Whether you need just one e-mail address or one hundred for your [...]

Should You Duplicate Content Across Your Social Networks?

If you blog, does it make sense to feed the blog’s RSS into Twitter and Facebook, and anywhere else it may fit? Is there the risk that somebody who follows all three of your profiles will become bored or irritated by the repetition and drop you altogether?

Article Marketing for Improving Sales

Nobody knows your book, your CD, your product like you do. It stands to reason, too, that your expertise extends to various topics related to what you market. Article marketing can not only inform your customers of the finer points of your inventory, but aid to bring them to your site.